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The Oceanhill Incident was the culmination of a series of civil disturbances in the outlying colonies of Terran space. As a result of the incident, the colonies were granted independence, and the Confederation of Free Terran States (with its citizens popularly nicknamed Marauders) was founded.


The root of the conflict was the ongoing neglect of Terran expansion colonies by their own government. Made vulnerable to predation by pirates due to their distance from Modeus, the outer colony systems were forced to raise their own militias in defiance of the Terran government's orders. Economic sanctions were put in place, but were largely unenforceable thanks to the self-sufficiency of the colonies and the lack of naval projection the Terran military could achieve.

In 949 ATA, the colony militias began to organize into a single cohesive force under the command of the retired Terran naval officer Commander Esther Montford. The Terran government attempted to clamp down on the militia, declaring it an unlawful organization, but since "Montford's Marauders" were the only real defence force the colonists could rely upon, the colony governors deliberately turned a blind eye, claiming insufficient manpower and resources to hunt the militia down.

In 958 ATA, the Terran government lost patience and deployed a force to Thalassa, the capital of Oceanhill, with the intent of using it as base for a search and destroy mission.

Key event(s)

  • Terran military assets are dispatched to Thalassa, in Oceanhill, to commence interdiction operations against Montford's militia
  • The populations of Oceanhill, New Elysium, Chios and five further systems rise up in protest.
  • During the general elections one week later, citizens of the protesting systems abstain from voting. With forty percent of its seats unfilled, the Terran Congress cannot form and a constitutional crisis ensues.
  • Esther Montford deploys her entire command to Oceanhill. The Terran force on Thalassa is disarmed and imprisoned. Montford declares martial law for the outer territories, and her intention to create a new state.
  • Oceanhill's governor, Jorge Oliveira, travels to Kyzar to appeal to the Assembly for arbitration.


The Assembly ruled in favour of the colonies, and the Confederation of Free Terran States was founded, with New Elysium renamed as Sol Deuterion and designated the capital system. The award of Oceanhill to the new state's territory, along with the galactic market system of Bronwen, was a point of contention with the Terrans for some years afterward.

Montford was elected as the first Consul of the Confederation, a position she held for four years before standing down to enjoy a second, rather more reserved, retirement. Jorge Oliveira succeeded her in the position, holding the post for eight years before he too retired from public life. The Marauder militia reformed into a formal military, and quickly grew to be the Assembly's go-to force for handling combat situations.

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