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Jennifer Bronwen - "...The Phantom Wars? That’s, like, over two thousand years ago... What’s that got to do with anything?”"

A topic beloved of storytellers and film makers, the Phantom Wars were a series of conflicts between the Phantoms and the other sentient races of the time.


The origins of the conflict are unknown. The Phantoms first assault was a surprise attack, with no communications before or after the battle. This lack of communication continued to be a feature of the campaign - the enemy gave no reasons for their aggression, and never engaged in any sort of dialogue with the races allied against them, appearing to simply adhere to a doctrine of kill or be killed.

The casualty figures were astronomical, with the Guardians bearing the brunt of the losses.

Key event(s)

Templar assault on Polihandreon: This assault marked the first major engagement by the Templar armed forces in the war. It was notable for the speed of response - within one day of signing the mutual defensive accords with the other races, the Templar fleet was deployed at Cyberion and achieved a decisive victory within a few hours over a force that the Guardians estimated at in excess of two million Phantoms.

Destruction of the Phantom Homeworld: A desperate strike on the Phantom homeworld was carried out by the Guardians as a last-ditch attempt to halt the reinforcements constantly emanating from the system. How the destruction of the planet was achieved has never been disclosed by the Guardians, but the resulting cataclysm wiped out the bulk of the Guardians forces as well as the Phantoms' command and control and supply infrastructure.


Long since faded into myth among the younger races, the Phantom Wars occupy a peculiar niche in popular culture, being both historically documented and the subject of much fiction. One unarguable consequence, however, was that the newly acquired military emphasis of the Templar civilisation laid the foundations for their future empire.

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The Daybreak War
The Hellfire Campaign
The Hundred-Years War
The Mendillo Conflict
The Nexus Massacre
The Oceanhill Incident
The Perseus War
The Phantom Wars
The Sentinel Rebellion
The Daybreak War (Unknown, BTA)
The Phantom Wars (1113-1051 BTA)
The Hundred-Years War (210-109 BTA)
The Perseus War (81-83 ATA)
The Sentinel Rebellion (304-308 ATA)
The Nexus Massacre (500 ATA)
The Oceanhill Incident (958 ATA)
The Hellfire Campaign (993 ATA)
The Mendillo Conflict (997 ATA)