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Timo Honold is a Terran combat specialist and mercenary affiliated to Shan'Chael's black-market recruitment network. He is hired by Jennifer Bronwen as part of her crew at the beginning of the events of Conflagration.


Honold is a former soldier, honourably discharged from the Terran military after serving a twenty-year tour. Unable to settle into regular civilian life after retirement, he relocated to Asgard after an unfortunate altercation with the Terran authorities, and has made a living hiring himself out as a combat specialist ever since.

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Conflagration (book one)

Timo is hired by Jennifer to help with the theft of the Templar artefact from the Pergamon Museum in Berlin. He is designated as the hand-off man for the heist - upon receiving the package from Wai-Mei Xox, his role is to deposit it in a safe-deposit box for Jen to pick up. As he is outside the museum, he evades capture when Jen's abort signal warns him the attempt has failed. He then returns to Asgard.

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