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- "Everything is worth what some schmuck with more money than sense will pay for it."

Wai-Mei Xox is a terran mercenary specialising in technology theft affiliated to Shan'Chael's black-market recruitment network. She is hired by Jennifer Bronwen as part of her crew at the beginning of the events of Conflagration.


Little is known of Wai-Mei's origins and background. Her specialist skill set in handling delicate and valuable alien technologies puts her in high demand, and she is able to leverage that interest to keep clear of legal trouble on the rare occasions when she is caught in the act.

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Burning Suns - Conflagration
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Conflagration (book one)

Wai-Mei is recruited by Jen to actually perform the theft of the target artefact. She meets the crew in Berlin. When the robbery goes bad, Jen and Thud link up with her in an attempt to secure an escape route, but they are cornered and Wai-Mei is arrested along with Jen after Thud's death. Shan'Chael later confirms to Jen that Wai-Mei was released thanks to her contacts, and has resumed her work, whereabouts unknown.

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